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Your customers expect and demand comprehensive, tailored and quick responses. Especially when it comes to their dream home or property investment.

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Stop wasting money

Display homes and suites are expensive, take time to build, and can only ever reach a limited local audience. And even if you get potential clients to the actual display, they still have to imagine what their own home or property might look like with their own touches.

Rolling Ant’s real-time, immersive 3D solutions are now available in Australia, providing you with a realistic, affordable and super easy to use online solution to show your property inside and out, and allow your clients to see for themselves how their home will come to life. Our market-leading solution also provides the functionality of allowing your clients to pick and price additional options from furniture to appliances, increasing their emotional connection and reducing the time you need to spend quoting.

Plus, in a COVID and post-COVID landscape, bringing your development to life online in a highly realistic and tailorable platform provides the perfect solution for you and your clients.

Unleash your online advantage

With consumer and investor expectations higher than ever for an “always on”, “always tailored” response, with HomeFit this is how you can:

  • Capture the online audience
  • Upsell and boost engagement through personalisation
  • Stand out as leading, innovative and customer-focused
  • Streamline design and quote fulfillment
  • Bypass the cost of building, fitting out and maintaining display homes and suites
  • Future-proof your displays and your business with an online solution that can be personalised by every single potential customer – with no additional cost or time input for you.

But it looks expensive?

It does doesn’t it! But we’re confident we’re the best value solution available and we’d love to show you why. Imagine the “wow” factor for your customers on virtually walking into their dream home. They can see and feel how the space plays, and how the light changes throughout the day. They can see how it will look with their own wall colours, window treatments, cladding, furniture and appliances. We make their home come to life.

We can also bring the outdoors to life, allowing you to showcase the livability of a precinct as well as the views looking in.

Talk to us – you will be amazed at just how reasonable we are!

Why Display Homes are old hat

The traditional display home is outdated, expensive to build and maintain, static, someone else’s taste & not sustainable.

You’ve got to actually get the potential purchaser to care enough to want to visit it. Then care enough to actually visit it. Then you have to get them excited about this maybe being for them. There are so many barriers,the traditional display home presents for both developers and builders and your potential customers.

Rolling Ant means your potential purchasers not only see their future home but also feel it.  We even streamline the “what if?” pricing model, with immediate pricing feedback.  With a choice of highly realistic or photo realistic online designs, talk to us about how we can help you stand out.

What's In The Box?

HomeFit Interactive Features

Live Explore

A HomeFit virtual home is 100% interactive meaning you can explore every inch just like a traditional built display home.

Custom Styling

Style & furnish your virtual home just the way you like it. As well as providing the ability for you clients alter or remove all styling to re-imagine their space entirely.

Live Camera

Instantly take and share rendered images direct from your virtual home.

Media Centre

Your Virtual home is more than a model, its an entire display suite. Complete with floor plans, integrated lifestyle videos and much more.

True View

( Apartments )

With True View your buyers can experience their future view from any-floor and every room.

Finish Picker

From Sinks to Roof Tiles, your clients have a lot of choices in a typical build. With HomeFit they not only choose their finishes, but can be fully immersed as they visualise each decision as it comes to life.

Benefit from our expertise

We are specialists in the virtual design and reality space and we are excited to be in Australia sharing the Rolling Ant advantage with retail and commercial builders and developers. 

We bring affordable, online, market leading rendering solutions built on our extensive international expertise in game development,architecture and industrial simulation. Our proven approach already works for developers and builders, large and small.              

In just 3 weeks, and typically for under $12K for a two-bedroom property at a realistic render, we can build your online display home and turbo-charge your business.

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